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How we help businesses

If you own or manage a business, or are responsible for learning and development at your workplace, here are some ways we can cater specifically to your needs.

Group Training

We are able to deliver group-training sessions at your workplace in short courses and nationally recognised units of competency. We get it-often its easier to catch your team at their usual place of work, during business hours, for learning and development opportunities. That is why we can come to you.

Tailored Training specific needs of your team or individual team members and provide guidance on suitable subjects and delivery methods. We also provide non-accredited training options on the topics you feel most valuable to your team members.


Many of our courses require placement in the workplace, so we are always on the lookout for placement hosts in the community. Placements give businesses and workplaces the opportunity to enrich the training experience and provide support and guidance for the working professionals of tomorrow. If you are interested in hosting students at your workplace, please get in touch.

Industry Partnerships

Do you live and breathe social inclusion and integrity? We welcome the opportunity to learn from your business about what is happening in your industry and for your business to have an influence in our training. Our industry training can only be as good as the industry leaders that influence.


Victoria is currently experiencing skills shortages across the Aged Care, Disability and Community Services areas, particularly areas that assist people with mental health; alcohol and other drug issues. Our specialist Trainers can discuss the needs of industry and training requirements for your business to grow and expand into skills shortage areas.

Connect with other support services

Beyond education and training, our team can connect you through to other services and programs that will support you in a range of other areas in life including employment opportunities, outreach counselling, alcohol and other drug issues, mental health and primary health care.